Peer Run Respite

Retreat @The Plaza offers a voluntary, unlocked healing alternative to emergency department and psychiatric hospitalization, for Guests to rest, reflect and connect through emotional distress or a mental health crisis.Your stay is free and you can maintain your connections to your family, community, work and school.

We Are Here For:

Folks who are…

  • Experiencing emotional distress in response to trauma and loss, however that looks. 
  • Seeking to avoid hospitalization for mental health crisis or looking for alternative ways of making meaning of their experience of crisis and extreme states.
  • Stuck in patterns of institutionalization or have been subjected to forced treatment or coercion in relation to addressing stressful life circumstances.
  • Wounded from lack of resources or marginalization.
  • Struggling with substance use challenges who would like to try something different.
  • Living with chronic stress from lack of housing and quality care.

Respite FAQ


The Retreat Peer-Run Respite is a voluntary, non-clinical overnight alternative to emergency departments or in-patient settings for people who are experiencing mental health related crises or any other emotionally distressing challenges. 


The Retreat is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by team members who have their own lived experience with mental health as well as other emotionally distressing events in life. Team members receive extensive training in providing non-clinical peer support.


We offer between one and seven day stays. Individuals interested in a respite stay may contact us anytime.


Call Retreat @ The Plaza at 704.390.7716 anytime to schedule a tour.