What We Believe

We know personally and through the experience of others that recovery from labels of mental illness and substance use is a reality.

We also understand the countless challenges and roadblocks that many individuals face on their recovery journey, and we know how many traditional systems, programs and policies were never designed for the reality of recovery.

In pathologizing systems, there is a tendency to grow illness. As suicide attempt and completion rates are increasing, involuntary hospitalization, incarceration, overdose, and homelessness continue to grow…we are losing people and it doesn’t need to happen.
Statistically, most people with mental health diagnoses recover if they are provided with opportunities, messages, supports, and information that fosters wellness and healing. Among the most effective and untapped resource we have are people that live it every day. They have wisdom, knowledge, solutions, ideas that could be a complete game-changer in shifting from an illness to a wellness-based system. Their lived experience was earned, just as someone else’s degree and credentials were earned. Lived experience cannot be replicated and needs to be valued as much as professional licensure if we are to realize healing and recovery.

PRN was created as a trauma survivor-led organization, dedicated to improving, redefining and transforming the attitudes, systems, and policies surrounding recovery, so that we can help make recovery a reality for many more people in the community.

Our Mission

Through the wisdom of lived recovery experience, PRN ignites social change, inspires hope, and serves as a catalyst for personal greatness.

Our Vision

Every person will find the hope, inspiration and support to move through challenges, discover their strengths, live their dreams and find meaningful purpose in their lives.

Why We Exist

PRN operates at the intersection of 3 things:

Individual Wellness & Recovery

PRN inspires individuals and families to reclaim their lives, identity beyond labels, well being, and healing through peer-based support services that are designed to plant, seed, water, and grow wellness. We listen and support you during your recovery.

System Change

PRN disrupts traditional systems to reshape the way mental health, substance use, homelessness, incarceration, domestic violence, and trauma are understood and treated by introducing survivor-led, recovery based alternatives to illness based systems and treatments.

Social Justice

Using our own experiences, PRN’s team identifies inequities in policies, processes, procedures and funding and helps mobilize people that are directly affected to emerge as leaders in changing policies and reforming systems.