Our Leadership

“There is a gorgeous wisdom that can only be gained by surviving and thriving. We must walk through the fire, get burned and scarred, reflect, and heal. When we offer it to the world, real change occurs.”
– Cherene Caraco
PRN Founder and CEO

Lisa Krystynak

In-Reach Extender Director

Amanda Martin

Director of Community Initiatives

Anna Fiscus-Surita


Erin Perna

Recovery Courts Team Lead, Harm Reduction Outreach/Trainings

Alea McLean

Executive Assistant

Our Board of Directors

Stephanie Adelman

Board Chair

Jon Weddell

Board Member

Ken Schuesselin

Board Member

John Giampaolo

Board Member

Deborah Hendren

Board Member

Erin Patel

Board Member

Scott Rosenzweig

Board Member

Alba Sanchez

Board Member

Robbie Taylor

Board Member

Our Impact