Recovery Café CLT

What Is A Recovery Café?

Recovery Cafés are healing recovery communities committed to serving people who have experienced trauma and the results of trauma like houselessness, substance use and mental health challenges, incarceration, trauma, and loneliness. Recovery Cafés embody what it looks like when we live like we belong to each other. We support multiple pathways of recovery, are guided by trauma-informed principles, and recognize long-term recovery requires long-term support and authentic connection. 

Recovery Cafés provide a structure for developing healthy relationships and loving accountability that empowers its Members (our most closely held participants) to gain and maintain recovery, reduce the recurrence of use, and fulfill each individual’s growth potential.

How Do I Become A Member of Recovery Café CLT?

Membership is FREE and requires accountability to three commitments:

1) To be drug and alcohol-free for 24 hours before entry.
2) To participate in a weekly Recovery Circle.
3) To contribute to the Café community.

The membership structure is not intended to be a rigid barrier; it is a tool that allows meaningful follow-up conversations when a Member is unable to keep these commitments. This loving accountability and radical hospitality are key components and characteristics of all Recovery Cafés.

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