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PRN received funding from Mecklenburg County to support residents in our community throughout the pandemic. Now, they want your thoughts on the services we provided.
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2021 Innovator
of the Year
Cherene Caraco has been honored by the prestigious Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law in Washington, D.C.
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Retreat @ The Plaza
Our new peer-run respite initiative, Retreat @ The Plaza is now open!
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Reclaim you.
Your past does not define you. Join us on the journey to wellness. We’re here for you and we believe in you. Take the first step to healing today.
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Our online classes are a great place to start. Discover our community of support and attend an online class.
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Call our warm-line 24/7 to talk to a peer. We’re here for you and we’re good at listening.
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Survivor Led. Recovery Focused. Wellness Driven.

PRN is a survivor-led community and as with any community, ours is diverse. Some of us have survived suicide attempts, domestic violence, or involuntary psychiatric hospitalizations. Others have experienced homelessness, incarceration, or gang involvement. We are united by our resilience and the knowledge we have gained by overcoming experiences others thought were insurmountable. They weren’t and we thrived.

At PRN, we support one another with dignity. We inspire one another. We heal together and use our wisdom to ignite social change. We are artists, parents, musicians, leaders, educators, hope inspirers and recovery warriors…we are you.

Whether you are looking for someone to talk to any time day or night through our 24/7 Warm-Line, or you want to join an on-line community of people learning together and supporting one another, PRN may have something that inspires you to reclaim your identity, your voice, your well-being and your life.

Curious? Reach out to us and let’s explore this journey together!

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MeckHope Satisfaction Survey

Promise Resource Network has received funding from Mecklenburg County to support residents in our community throughout the pandemic. Today, Mecklenburg County is asking the public about their thoughts on the services we provided.

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Stories of Inspiration

“I finally felt ready and went to a staff member named Lisa. She looked at me and said, “we’ve been waiting for you to be ready to receive support and help.” All this time, I thought I was being low key. I wasn’t. They waited and that’s when life began to change. Once I opened up, I began to trust more people and the miracles began to show up in my life.”

— Lawrence O. David Jr.

Lawrence O. David Jr.


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