8 Dimensions

Join group in an overview of the (SAMSHA's) 8 dimensions of wellness.

Recurring Event Just For Today

Just For Today

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 “Just For Today” The slogan encourages, inspires and models Hope, that our lives are more manageable when we deal with and live in the present.  Just for Today we can choose to do something, change something or start something when we couldn’t tolerate the thought of it for a lifetime, a month or a week, […]

Recurring Event Keep Your Power

Keep Your Power

Promise Resource Network 2224 The Plaza, Charlotte, NC

Come explore the good, bad, and ugly of our emotions and complete 10-hours towards a Peer Support Specialist Certification. 

Recurring Event Inside Out

Inside Out

Join Courtney and Sharon to talk about emotions and how to regulate, manage, and live with them. Learn how to navigate emotions whether positive or negative.