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Retreat @ The Plaza Ribbon Cutting and News

Promise Resource Network’s newest initiative, Retreat @ The Plaza, is now open to the public! Retreat @ The Plaza is a peer-run respite that offers an alternative to going to an emergency department, in-patient mental health services, and/or involuntary commitment through a non-forced, voluntary and non-locked healing alternative in Charlotte.

The peer-run respite offers peer support 24/7 and opportunities for people to explore recovery throughout their stay. Up to 3 guests at a time can stay at the respite for up to 10 days and can maintain their connections to family, community, continue to go to work and school.

Outside, the respite space has gardens, water features, patios and is located in the beautiful community of Plaza Midwood on the bus route.

Inside, each guest has their own room with a small refrigerator and shared living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and 2 bathrooms. If the guest desires, supports, connection to resources, activities such as yoga, meditation, bicycling, etc., are available.

If you are interested in learning more about Retreat @ The Plaza, please set up a time for an in-person or virtual tour by contacting the respite 24/7 at: (704) 390-7716.

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